Instapage Export Html: Know THIS [2023]

When it comes to producing landing pages which generate leads and also enhance revenue, you may have encountered Instapage like a potential solution. Instapage Export Html

Instapage provides a variety of expertly crafted contemporary squeeze page templates and a robust page builder instrument, which looks enticing. Nevertheless, the real query is if it really lives up to the buzz as well as can really aid you creating conversion-optimized lead capture pages effortlessly.

Furthermore, considering fairly high prices, you could be wondering whether it is valuable the investment. Within this comprehensive assessment pertaining to Instapage, we strive to offer you responses to such queries.

We will delve into the platform’s main features, discover its UI, and also determine the total efficacy being a lead capture page constructor.

At the conclusion of the review, you will obtain a clearer grasp concerning whether or not Instapage may be the ideal lead capture page creator to meet your specific demands.

Hence let’s get started, let us dive into.  


Instapage Overview

Instapage is a web-based solution that offers all the important resources to create and publish lead capture pages.

It doesn’t matter whether or not you already have a site or an web presence – by using InstaPage, you could quickly build conversion-optimized lead capture pages which aid you create extra leads, sell extra items, or even promote additional actions from your site visitors.

Although you may don’t have code or design knowledge, InstaPage’s features help to make the procedure of making effective squeeze pages easy.

Utilizing tools like heatmap, analytics, and split-testing, one can employ visitor details in order to improve the lead capture page layouts and make them even more efficient.

Here’s a quick breakdown of the reason why one contemplate selecting InstaPage as your squeeze page creator:

  • Customizable templates: Instapage offers more than 80 high-quality templates that you can easily customize to fit your needs, so you never have to start from scratch or search for inspiration for your next landing page.
  • Intuitive landing page editor: Whether you want to start with a blank canvas or edit one of the many templates, Instapage’s drag-and-drop page builder interface is both powerful and user-friendly.
  • Effective form builder: To ensure you capture the right type of leads with your landing pages, Instapage makes it easy to create detailed custom forms for collecting user information.
  • Useful selection of widgets: Along with forms, you can easily add other elements to your landing pages, such as videos, images, and buttons.
  • Tracking and reporting: Thanks to built-in analytics, heatmap, and A/B testing tools, you can quickly identify what’s working and what’s not and optimize your landing pages for better results.
  • Integration options: Instapage can connect to various services, such as email marketing platforms, WordPress, and more, through Zapier.
  • Hosted system: Instead of using a WordPress landing page plugin, everything is hosted independently by Instapage. You can use your account to create landing pages for multiple projects and websites. However, you can quickly publish landing pages on your WordPress website with Instapage.
  • 14-day free trial: If Instapage sounds like the right tool for you, there’s a free 14-day trial available.

We’ll cover the pricing details of Instapage later in this review, but for now, let’s take a closer look at what this landing page builder can do and whether it’s easy to use.



Instapage Features

Following perusing that earlier overview, you may be curious about using InstaPage as the lead capture page constructor.

Yet, it is vital for you to evaluate if Instapage’s capabilities really are as successful as they actually seem.

In this particular part, we shall delve into the key capabilities associated with Instapage and also examine just how well they operate.

Instapage Templates



InstaPage purports to supply over 200 layouts, however upon browsing the library, we actually discovered that there exist just approximately eighty themes.

Several among these templates might be not really full lead capture page alternatives, such as those thank-you webpage layouts. However, the layouts accessible are designed to high standard and also cover a range concerning objectives.

Owing to the filters, you have the ability to rapidly locate the sort of theme you need when beginning a brand new landing page.

Drag and Drop Editor

Drag and Drop Editor

The editing tool regarding InstaPage offers one the necessary flexibility to generate a customized landing page, whether you commence from a blank canvas or perhaps a theme.

The InstaPage page builder lets you position the components anyplace on your page, devoid of restrictions or a grid-based design.

Beneficial signs and also grids tend to be displayed while you move elements about your webpage, which makes this easier to line up your page components.

This page creator furthermore presents the area between components on the your webpage, allowing one to locate webpage elements together with exactness.

The drag and drop user interface fixes elements towards the fundamental grid design, providing direction whenever arranging page elements.



Customization Options

Custom controls

You can easily customize the elements that make up your pages through the Instapage page builder interface.

Then, you can make a range of changes beyond what’s available on the floating toolbar by accessing the properties of the item in the side panel.

You can also add custom CSS and JavaScript to further control the appearance and functionality of your landing pages.


InstaPage’s InstaBlocks feature permits one to build a collection associated with reusable components components, or perhaps sections, which one can add into any one of your lead capture pages.

Such function is actually beneficial if you happen to be developing multiple landing pages for your own self or the clients.

You could save customized testimonials, page headings, footings, CTAs, and everything else you create with Instapage in the form of InstaBlocks.

InstaPage additionally comes equipped with a varied range associated with Instablock templates that you to utilize as beginning points.

The Global Blocks functionality, that allows one in order to revise a single InstaBlock in the library as well as witness such modifications automatically used for every instance of such block in your released webpages, is available only in the more costly Business permit of Instapage.

Landing Page Widgets

Instapage widgets allow you to quickly insert a range of elements into your landing page designs. You can add:

    • Headlines
    • Forms
    • Images
    • Buttons
    • Paragraphs
    • Circles
    • Videos
    • Boxes
    • Vertical and Horizontal lines
    • HTML Widgets
    • Timers

    Although there are a few helpful choices, the gadget range isn’t quite as broad when compared to other page creators such as Divi and also Elementor.

    There exist premade pricing tables along with various other items within the page layouts, but adding them to the pages is quite as straightforward as possessing accessibility for pre-made widgets which you could drag-and-drop onto your pages.

    Nonetheless, their Instablock feature provides you a method in order to produce an element, for example a pricing table or perhaps CTA, and save this for reuse on the any webpage when.

    Mobile-Friendly Page Designs

    Instapage mobile friendly


    Instapage guarantees that all landing pages made on its platform will be responsive automatically.

    Nevertheless, users can move to their mobile view of their webpage these people tend to be working on in their editing tool and also create modifications which exclusively mobile phone users are going to observe.

    Instapage does incorporate the capability to display somewhat varying editions associated with landing pages, based on whether guests tend to be utilizing a mobile phone or computer device.

    However, users may simply cover elements they do not desire in order to display to mobile end users, as opposed to creating a couple of totally various versions associated with their webpage.

    Their Instapage page builder features an impressive user interface which is really easy to use and also provides loads associated with flexibility within locating elements.

    The service also supplies useful support if end users wish to exactly align their page elements.

    Even though there is actually a scarcity of ready-made elements or perhaps gadgets, users may develop most items on their own and after that preserve them for reuse.



    Landing Page Publishing Options:

    Once a user has created a landing page on Instapage, they have several publishing options:

    They can publish it on their own domain, a WordPress website via a free plugin, or a Drupal website.

    Instapage also provides a demo domain for users to test their landing pages. However, it is not recommended to run campaigns on any landing pages published in this way.

    Instead, users should use a domain they have registered elsewhere.

    Publishing an Instapage Landing Page on a WordPress Website:

    Releasing a Instapage landing page on the WordPress website is actually straightforward. Users need to trigger the totally free plug-in on their own website as well as connect their WordPress platform website for their Instapage account through inputting several easily available information.

    When the two accounts are associated, users could merely select that lead capture page they want to publish upon their own website from the the obtainable alternatives.

    Virtually any landing page crafted as well as published within Instapage should end up being accessible from their drop-down list within the WordPress platform dashboard.

    Users could choose regardless of whether the page is exhibited as being a lead capture page, the 404 page, or their homepage of their web site.

    As soon as their user has selected a page, inserted a web address for it the page, and struck the actual

    Release button, they will should be able in order to view that squeeze page upon their WordPress site.

    The procedure for posting squeeze pages upon a Drupal platform website is similar.



    Publishing a Landing Page on Your Own Domain

    In addition to releasing squeeze pages on a WordPress or Drupal platform website, end users may additionally utilize a domain name they have authorized in order to help to make their own webpages obtainable on the internet.

    Instapage exhibits directions regarding several associated with the actual most widely used domain name registrars to assist users quickly link their own domain for their own InstaPage account.

    There exists likewise a lot of documentation on the actual site that describes the process in more level.

    End users may connect an infinite number of domain names as well as subdomains for their own Instapage account, allowing all of them to post as much as 30 landing page experiences on the Business strategy (more on the Venture plan) from any one period, across numerous domain names or even WordPress platform as well as Drupal platform web sites.

    End users may additionally download squeeze pages and discuss them together with additional Instapage users who could publish them into their own account with regard to editing as well as posting.



    Instapage Integration Options

    InstaPage lead capture pages could integrate together with a wide range associated with third-party providers, including analytics tools, email marketing services, and web seminar providers.

    If end users want in order to market goods with InstaPage, these people could hook up their own landing pages in order to the Shopify e-commerce store or PayPal in order to gather repayments on-line.

    Users could likewise integrate easily Instapage with Zapier to hook up their landing pages together with much more apps and services.

    It’s really worth checking the actual integrations records to see when it’s achievable in order to connect landing pages to a particular assistance.

    Tracking, Testing, and Reporting:

    As soon as end users publish a landing page, these people can begin checking its overall performance.

    One alternative would be to utilize the integral heat map tool to determine what visitors are already carrying out while looking at the actual pages, such as exactly where they’ve been pressing or even what lengths they’ve already been scrolling through.

    This particular is particularly helpful when the actual squeeze page is not really producing as numerous potential customers because anticipated.

    The heat map can aid reveal potential issues, including buttons which site visitors do not recognize since buttons or kinds that are too much lower the webpage, past in which many from the audience is actually scrolling through in order to.

    As well as heat maps, end users may likewise observe the actual conversion rates associated with their webpages and additional statistics data points to aid monitor their own effectiveness.

    Including with Google Analytics provides much more insight directly into just how webpages are usually performing.

    To assist get a lot more sales out of the guests, Instapage permits users operate A/B testing on lead capture pages.

    Via the actual handles, end users may produce a replica of the squeeze page and then make alterations towards the new variant, for example altering the actual CTA.

    Instapage will show the distinct editions from the webpage to site visitors to find out which usually a single works the most effective.  


    Other Features of Instapage:

    In addition to the actual web templates, mobile-friendly page layouts, and also submitting choices discussed earlier on, InstaPage has many more functions that have created this one of the powerful and also preferred lead capture page design and also to generate leads providers accessible these days.

    Several examples of those functions include the ability with regard to several end users to be able to work together on the a job and interact about the identical lead capture pages with accurate documentation of communication as well as changes which have been created. Instapage likewise offers the option integrating along with Google AdWords platform to see advertising and marketing data inside InstaPage dashboard.

    There’s also a sizable collection regarding on-line documents to assist consumers get the utmost out of the InstaPage, in addition to assistance regarding making Google AMP lead capture pages. To find out the complete listing of Instapage features, check out their packages page on the web site.  


    Instapage Pricing





    In terms of pricing, possible end users may take advantage of Instapage’s 14-day trial offer.

    However, users need to offer payment to get into the free trial as well as is going to be automatically billed after the trial has ended.

    Terminating the support is easy if consumers aren’t satisfied with the help of Instapage. Should users tend to be satisfied with all the demo, there are a couple of registration choices offered for Instapage.

    The initial alternative is the InstaPage Enterprise plan, which charges $199 monthly.

    Nonetheless, users can preserve twenty-five percent by choosing to pay each year, that requires a payment of 1,788 dollars, making the monthly price equal to $149.

    Custom Enterprise Plan

    Instapage provides a custom Business method for businesses who have specific needs.

    The blueprint comes with tailor-made prices that mirrors your configuration.

    After using a call with the product sales group, a customized Business method will be established according to your requirements.

    You are able to have a look at what’s integrated inside the Enterprise method and also the additional features open to Venture clients around the InstaPage costs web page.  


    Pros and Cons of Instapage

    Before making a decision, it’s essential to weigh the pros and cons of Instapage. Here are some of the best things about Instapage, as well as some of its drawbacks:


    • A good range of professional-looking landing page templates.
    • The ability to deliver files and sell items via your landing pages.
    • An advanced landing page builder that’s easy to use.
    • Enough landing page publishing options.
    • Lots of reporting data and tools to help you optimize your pages.
    • Features that make Instapage good for collaborating with team members and clients.
    • Good mobile support to help you design mobile-friendly landing pages.
    • Lots of helpful online documentation and a responsive live chat support channel.


    • Not as many landing page templates as some other tools, including Leadpages.
    • Fewer page widgets compared to premium WordPress page builders, such as Divi.
    • The Business plan is limited to 30,000 unique visitors per month, 30 published landing page experiences, five workspaces, and five team members. Allowances on the Enterprise plan can be customized.
    • Slightly limited e-commerce options compared to other tools, such as Leadpages.
    • High pricing makes it unsuitable for casual website owners.


    Instapage Export Html Final Thoughts

    InstaPage can be a effective landing page builder as well as posting device which provides several benefits for its users.

    Its starter themes as well as sophisticated webpage builder allow consumers to create various kinds of website landing pages effortlessly.

    The Live journal integration is well-implemented, which makes it simple in order to publish website landing pages in your Live journal web site along with InstaPage’s no cost plug-in.

    Furthermore, posting landing pages on your own personal domain names will be just as effortless, as well as InstaPage takes care of all the hosting to suit your needs.

    Instapage enables you to provide downloads, collect prospects by means of your own squeeze pages, and integrate your webpages along with many third-party services, making it suitable for numerous assignments.

    Nonetheless, the particular a bit limited options for marketing goods straight via the squeeze pages may put several readers off.

    The main sticking point with Instapage is actually the costs, that may become difficult to warrant for several customers.

    However, for those who can, InstaPage is a great suggestion.

    On the other hand, users can easily focus on any WordPress dependent setup while using Divi concept having its amazing page builder instrument, a massive and also developing catalogue of themes, as well as divided assessment features for a fraction of the cost.

    If you’re ready for one of the best landing page builders around, Instapage should undoubtedly be on your shortlist. Instapage Export Html